Let’s make some banners, baby!

Wow! Been awhile since my last post huh? I’m so sorry, I’ll try to never leave you for that long again. Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about babies! And banners! Banners for babies!!

I made some banners for a friend’s baby shower and I want to share my process with you. This can be used for a baby shower banner or a birthday party banner or any kind of banner you’d like.

First you need to pick out a color scheme, which is even easier if the party already has a color scheme. Blues? Pinks? Greens? Pick out 4-5 colors so your decorations can have a nice variety of colors, and get some cardstock in all the colors you’ll need. I went with blues, brown and white. Also a really cute blue polka dot!


So here’s the plan. Each letter is going to be a separate piece and will be made up of 2 layers of color with the letter as the third layer. I did brown as the bottom layer, a blue as the second layer, and a white letter as the top layer.

First you need to trace and cut out all the letters you’ll need. Pick a good size but remember that there are still two bigger layers that need to go behind it. Helpful hint! Make stencils of each letter and then trace them onto the cardstock backwards. That way when you cut it out, any pencil marks will be on the back of the letter and the front will look sparkly and clean.


Stencil letters


Backwards letters traced onto cardstock

I used the babies’ names (twin boys!) on these banners, but of course you can say anything you’d like. Congratulations! Happy Baby Shower! Happy Birthday! You get the idea. Then just cut them out!


No pencil lines here!

Once all your letters are ready to go, you can cut out the two squares that will go with each letter. The bottom layer will be the biggest, and the second layer will be a little smaller.


You don’t have to make them squares either! You can do circles or hearts or any shape that goes with your theme. I went with rectangles but decided that rounded edges looked better with the type of letters I was using.


Right? So definitely just use this post as a starting point. Get creative and crazy!

To put the layers together I just used some double sided tape. And our theme for this baby shower was elephants, so to really combine the party theme with the banner, I put an elephant at each end. I used the same process, traced the elephant stencil backwards onto cardstock, then cut that out. I also used a separate color of paper for the ear. On these I just put brown as the bottom layer, then I put a cute little elephant on top.



Now that all the pieces are ready to go, it’s time to put the banner together. The best/easiest way I’ve found to do this is to punch a hole at the top corner of each piece. Then get a ribbon that is just a little too big for the holes. This way, you just need to slide the pieces on the ribbon, but once you have them in place they won’t slide around on their own. It’s also nice because it’s super easy to make adjustments when you’re hanging them up.


So slide everything on the ribbon, space it out evenly, and you’re done! Leave extra ribbon on the ends so you have room to hang it up anywhere.


Now you’re ready to party!




See, doesn’t even have to be letters! So many possibilities! Have fun with this!


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