Blondies Have More Fun

Don’t get me wrong, brownies probably have a good time too. But blondies are like, brownies meet chocolate chip cookies. And that sounds like a GREAT time. In my belly. So last night I made some! I found this recipe and got started on the deliciousness. Two things I like about this recipe. 1. You melt the butter. Any recipe that doesn’t involve having to wait for butter to soften automatically wins. 2. It uses half whole wheat flour. Ok ok, I know that doesn’t make these healthy, but it makes me feel not quite as guilty when I’m eating 5 in a row. Because whole wheat, right? I’m sure you could use all-purpose flour for the whole thing if that’s what you have in the pantry, just know that you will feel the regular amount of guilt when you eat 5 in a row.

So, things you need. Brown sugar (lots of it), butter, eggs, vanilla, salt, whole wheat and all purpose flour, baking powder, and then whatever kind of mix-ins you want. I used chocolate chips and walnuts, but you can get all kinds of creative here. I like to kick it old school.

Ok so grab a small saucepan and get that stick of butter melting. When it’s done, toss in the 2 cups of brown sugar and mix it together.


Doesn’t look like much now, but just you wait! Now, let it cool a little so it’s not super hot. It wasn’t really that hot to me anyway, so I waited for maybe a minute. Then I got impatient. Onto the eggs!


That’s egg #1 up there. I mixed them in one at a time, but the recipe doesn’t say you have to do it that way. *shrug* This is after both eggs.


Gloop, gloooop. Still doesn’t look like much. Ok, now put in the vanilla and salt. Mix it around a little. Now it’s time really get this batter going! Flour!! But first. A flour lesson. *ahem* To measure flour into a measuring cup, don’t dip the cup right into the flour. Bad! Stop that! Grab a spoon, mix up the flour a little bit, and then spoon it into the cup and scrape the extra off the top. Ahhh, that’s better. Now you may add the properly measured flour.


And don’t forget about the baking powder! Once you have everything mixed up nicely, it should start to look like something you want to eat.


Mmmm blondie batter…  Now throw in whatever extras you want! Whee!


Batter? What batter?!


Oh there it is. Phew! I also threw in some walnuts I had leftover from some cookies I made recently. No food wasting here!

So did you get everything mixed in? You’re sure?? Last chance. Ok time to put it in the pan. 13 x 9 pan, greased. Dump it all in and spread the goodness around.


Om nom nom. Into the oven for 30-35 minutes! While that’s baking, I just want to take a moment to discuss how much I love the little spatula I was using to mix everything together. It’s a Rachael Ray thing, came in a pack of 3 and they were each different sizes. Really nice for mixing this all together. Good work Rachael Ray! Ok has it been 30-ish minutes? Meh, close enough. Let’s see what we got!!


Didn’t I say it? Brownies and chocolate chip cookies. You have to wait awhile to be able to cut into these and not make a huge gooey mess. I know because I kept cutting into it and making a gooey mess because I couldn’t wait any longer. But when you’re patient and wait for them to cool, they look like this.


So. Yum! Great recipe find. I will definitely be making these again. Let me know what kind of yummy things you mixed in!


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