S’more what?

You’re killin me Smalls! This post is about s’more stuff. Pay attention.

S’mores are amazing. They’re probably my favorite dessert. The graham crackers. The melty chocolate. The gooey marshmallow. I don’t even really like marshmallows unless they’re part of a s’more. They’re just not the same! And even though the traditional s’more is already perfect, it never hurts to have s’more options (couldn’t help myself). So I decided to make this indoor, slightly less messy, version: mini s’mores pies. Get excited people!

First, you need some mini graham cracker pie crusts. I didn’t find them at the first store I went to but Target had plenty (I love you Target).

photo 1(6)

Then you need to get some chocolate. I used milk chocolate chips but I’m sure the usual Hershey’s chocolate would be fine too. And of course, mini marshmallows. That’s it! Just 3 ingredients stand between you and toasty deliciousness.

Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Set your pie crusts on a cookie sheet, and put in some chocolate. The amount of chocolate is up to you but make sure you leave room for the marshmallows.

photo 1(10)

Once you have the crusts filled with chocolate, put them in the oven for 3-5 minutes. The chocolate in the crusts doesn’t need to start melting on its own, just watch for when it starts to look glossy then take them out. In the meantime, eat some of the leftover chocolate to hold you over until the pies are done.

photo 4(5)

See the difference? Now smash the chocolate down a little so it’s a flat layer.

photo 2(9)

Clearly it doesn’t have to be pretty. Then take out some marshmallows and put them on the chocolate, like so:

photo 3(7)

Now you want to put them in the broiler. And don’t go very far! Before you know it they’ll be ready. Give them about 2-3 minutes and they should be perfect. So eat some leftover marshmallows to hold you over until the pies are done. Ok. Are you ready for this?

photo 3(6)

I. KNOW. But now comes the hardest part. Wait about 5 minutes for them to cool off. You can do it. I believe in you. Once they’re cool enough to handle, pop them out of the foil tins. It should be pretty easy, I just flipped them over and they popped out. You could eat them out of the tins if you want, but I think they’re easier to eat if you take them out. I did a lot of research on this to make sure I’m giving you the best information. You’re welcome. So now it looks like this!

photo 1(7)

And then you cut into it and it looks like this.

photo 3(5)

Gooey, marshmallowy, chocolatey, crumbly goodness. You can bite right into it or be civilized about it and eat it with a fork. I’m sure you could also make this into a full size pie version for a party or something. A party of one totally counts. Enjoy!


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